Star Walk is a fabulous app for all stargazers. Simply hold up the iPhone towards the sky. The app will automatically determine the current location and display the sky exactly as it appears behind the device. This way more than 20,000 stars, planets and galaxies can be identified.

For each object in the sky the app features a comprehensive information page, that contains all major astronomical data. Star Walk will also include the zodiac signs when displaying the star map. For a better view the user may zoom in on objects, or fire up the time machine in order to find out what the sky looked like in the past – at the day of someone’s own birth for example.

Star Walk can change the spectrum of light and is able to simulate the starry sky in an ultraviolet setting. It supplies an astronomical photo of the day, an overview regarding the rising and setting of the planets and a calendar featuring astronomically important data.

There is simply no better app when it comes to getting familiar with the stars.

+ Is familiar with 8,000 satellites
+ The camera features an augmented reality mode
- iPad version has to be purchased separately