That’s what happens when you fall asleep in a spaceship. A little yellow alien whizzes through our orbit, collides with can of Coke that’s floating around up there and crashes his UFO into a typical suburban home. While he is in the house, it is all about getting his crew back together again and repairing the spacecraft. Gradually little Fibble fights his way through 30 levels of four very charmingly designed 3D scenes.

Each level in the house features stars that have to be collected. The player can pick up Fibble as if he is attached to a rubber band and fling him through the course. While zooming through the home, he has to collect as many stars as possible and try to end up landing on a safe teleporter shell. The goal is to reach the end of the level with only one pull on the rubber band.

The level of difficulty is steadily increasing. Pretty soon the player has to overcome deep canyons and jump onto higher up areas. His reward are animated graphics in movie quality that look sensational on the iPad.

Great game of skill that really comes to life and looks its best on the iPad 3.

+ 30 levels in 4 scenes
+ Animated graphics in movie quality
- Very expensive for an iPad game