Wake Up Pro Alarm is currently being offered free of charge. After starting the alarm clock it displays a circular image on a black background. With one glance the user is able to see the time, day of the week and date. A special effect is being created by the blue spark that’s racing around the display. To personalize the alarm clock, various colors and skins are being offered. If placed in a cradle it can remain permanently switched on, and replace a real alarm clock.

When used as an alarm clock it even offers a snooze function – to get those few extra minutes of sleep. “Wake Up Pro Alarm” features ten built-in, professionally composed, alarm sounds. It is also possible to implement a list with someone’s favorite tunes and use those as alarm music.

“Wake Up Pro Alarm” is actually just a really nice timepiece and a well-functioning alarm clock. What makes the app special is the extravagant visual effect.

+ Universal app for the iPhone & iPad
+ 10 built-in alarm sounds
+ Uses music as alarm sound