Barry Steakfries breaks into the secret lab of the mad scientists and steels a few jetpacks. Now the question is: how does Barry escape? Easy as pie – he straps one of the jetpacks to his back and off he goes. “Jetpack Joyride” was developed by Halfbrick Studios, who have already released games like “Fruit Ninja”, “Age of Zombies” and “Monster Dash” in the App Store.

In the game Barry runs automatically out of the laboratory. The course scrolls by from the right to the left. As soon as the player taps on the display, Barry ignites his jetpack and flies up into the air. This lets him doge dangerous situations, collect floating gold coins and fry dangerous scientist to a crisp.

Electric fields, flying lasers and suddenly appearing rockets make sure that the escape is not an easy one. As soon as Barry fails, the score will be eliminated and the escape starts all over again. The new course is always presented in a differently arranged manner.

“Jetpack Joyride” is a fast-paced action game that presents a completely new escape route in each round.

+ Beautiful graphics, lots of action
+ Easy game control
- Lots of in-app purchases