A weather report is a must for every iPhone. However, they could really look a little nicer than the weather apps that are already installed on the iPhone. “Weatherwise” is different – it truly deserves a reward for its graphics. The app displays a beautifully drawn, and at times even animated, tree.

Depending on the current weather, the tree might disappear behind clouds, get rained on or be buried under a load of snow. Of course, most of us would love to see it in bright sunshine. In addition to this visual weather forecast the view of the tree also adjusts to the time of day. This means that at night it will get pretty dark in the app. Besides the tree, four additional scenarios are being offered. However, they have to be obtained via in-app purchase.

Without a doubt, the app has a beautiful visual appearance. But does it provide a quality weather report for the five locations that can be stored in the app? Somewhat tentatively a five day weather forecast for five days is being provided. Unfortunately, it is limited to the expected maximum and minimum temperature and the possibility of it being overcast. Wind velocity and rain probability – nothing.

Weatherwise is a beautiful weather app with great optics. It does, however, not provide more weather data that the average weather app.

+ Beautiful graphics
- Not enough information regarding the weather
- Lots of in-app purchases