It’s not easy being a real redneck farmer in the good old USA. Not only is it hard work harvesting the corn, but on top of it aliens appear and want to get their hands on it. But what the heck: maybe two problems can be solved with one corn chopper.

In order to harvest the corn the player has to navigate the corn chopper across the screen. If some of the aliens can be taken care of at the same time – great. Otherwise the shotgun will come out, particularly to blow away the UFOs that are attacking from above.

The level of difficulty increases steadily and pretty soon aliens that shoot back turn up. They set up extraterrestrial outhouses, which may under no circumstances be run over. Fortunately, power-ups appear that help the corn farmer – otherwise there would be no chance of stopping the alien invasion.

Odd and very fast game of skill. In the beginning it might be: “What a bunch of nonsense!” However, after a few minutes beads of sweat are forming on the forehead.

+ Universal app for the iPhone and iPad
+ Steadily increasing level of difficulty
- Lots of in-app purchases