QR Codes conquer the world. They can be found on business cards, bottles, billboards and in magazines. The square pixel codes often contain encrypted information such as info text, but more frequently a web address.

The only problem: how can the code be evaluated? “QR Code Scanner” will take a picture of an existing code and display the hidden message. Links may be loaded immediately into the browser. Locations can be marked on Google Maps.

A very successful feature of the app: all scanned codes will be automatically recorded. This way a code may be looked up at a later point in time and the user can always check which information goes with a certain code.

By now QR codes are such a present in everyday life that a decoder belongs on every iPhone. “QR Code Scanner” is fast, comfortable to use and versatile.

+ Fast QR code decoder
+ Immediately loads encoded web addresses
+ Records all scanned codes