This app simulates a parking disc – the kind you put in your windshield so you don’t find a parking ticket behind your windshield wipers when you return.

The user may indicate the starting time of the parking period on a lovely blue display, if the car is left in an area where only temporary parking is allowed.

The problem: who places his iPhone or iPad on the console by the windshield, so that it is clearly visible to everyone? Apart from the fact that direct sunlight could heat up the device to the point of self-destruction, it is also an unnecessary waste of electricity. Furthermore, a note could probably be left on the screen of the app saying: please steal me.

If you get stranded someplace without a parking disc it is probably advisable to take a chance on getting a ticket, rather than leaving the iPhone in the car.

+ Universal app for the iPhone and iPad
+ Starting time may be set with the finger
- An app with no practical functionality