The iPhone easily contains a few hundred addresses – and more. Looking for an important phone number may take a few valuable seconds. Calling one of our favorite contacts by using the app “FavQuick Dial” will save a lot of time. The app provides particularly fast access to the most important 12, 24 or 48 phone numbers in the iPhone.

The app displays a grid of squares boxes on the screen. A simple tap with the finger is all it takes to link an empty box with a contact. If the address book contains a photo of a particular person, only the image will be displayed in the grid from then on. Otherwise, the name will appear in the placeholder.

From now on all it takes is a tap on the picture of one of your friends, and without much to do the appropriate number will be dialed.

This is a great idea: the most frequently used phone numbers will be integrated into a speed-photo-dial menu – and are immediately at hand.

+ Rotating 3D wall with favorite contacts
+ Manages 12, 24 or 48 phone numbers
+ Easy to use with swiping commands