In the mood for electronic music? With an active Internet connection the app offers two streams, that the user may dial into by simply applying thumb pressure. “Frisky” provides diversified dance sounds while “Chill” features relaxing ambient and lounge music. Playback starts immediately and information regarding the featured songs will be displayed.

Some of the best DJs from around the world work for “Frisky”. They arrange the acoustic show that is being broadcasted via the app. “Frisky” happily runs in the background, so that the user may listen to music while working on his e-mails.

Anyone that would like to, may tell his friends via Facebook or Twitter what is being played on the app right at this moment.

Anyone that likes to listen to ambient and lounge music, will enjoy the endless supply of beautiful, relaxing songs.

+ 2 streaming channels: Frisky and Chill
+ Runs in the background
+ Links to Facebook and Twitter