In “Slingshot Racing” the player takes part in a very unusual car race. The action is being shown from a birds eye view, displaying very impressive retina graphics on the iPhone. In a single player mode the race car driver competes on 64 tracks against computer-controlled opponents.

New: the cars race on their own. The players job is to throw out a grappling hook when a car turns into a curve. The hook is connected to a tower and keeps the car hanging on a tight rope, in order to send it heavily accelerated into a curve. After that’s accomplished, the robe has to be loosened enough so that one’s own car picks up the momentum and doesn’t crash into the border instead.

Only after the player succeeds in one race may he go on to the next one, to have some more fun.

A truly new, original idea for a racing game. Especially on the iPad the game really delivers, visually as well as technically.

+ Universal app for the iPhone and iPad
+ Very elaborate graphics with 3D, shadows and particle systems
+ Multiplayer mode for up to 4 players