The germs are on the loose. Big, colorful and foul-tempered they have settled down in the kitchen and, unfortunately, keep multiplying. It would be best, to boldly push them down the drain – where the blades of the garbage disposal are waiting for them.

The events that take place in more than 300 levels are being shown from a bird’s eye view. The germs are displayed as colorful lumps with eyes that take up exactly one game field. The player is able to pick them up with his finger and slide them in a certain direction. They keep going on their slimy way until they hit an obstacle. The higher level get a little more complicated. Here the player has to use everything available so the germs end up in the drain.

Caution is advised: in some places the germs are able to disappear through the wall of the course. If that happens the player has to start the level all over again.

Nice puzzle game with great graphics and a somewhat cumbersome control – it nevertheless delivers, especially through the multitude of included levels.

+ Universal app for the iPhone and iPad
+ Tutorial included
+ More than 300 levels