The app “What’s On Air Pro” covers a wide spectrum when it comes to music. It is able to search for concerts that are scheduled to be given within a radius of X miles. As a result it will compile a list of performers that will be featured in the month to come. A simple tap with the finger is all that’s required to find out when the next appearance of your favorite band takes place.

The app loves to listen in on many online radios – and will supply a list of artists whose songs are being played at that moment. If something nice can be found on the list the app will hook up with the online radio, and play the current song. Particular songs may be bought right through the app in the iTunes Store. Anyone that would rather just listen is able to set a Sleep-Tiper that will turn off the app after a few minutes – hopefully right when the user is falling asleep.

The app is able to selectively search for online radio stations that play precisely what the user likes to listen to – blues, ambient or classic rock. The best-liked radio stations are easily put on a personal favorites list.

Extensive music app that plays online radio stations, lists concert dates and has a lot more in store.

+ LED of the iPhone flashes to the beat of the music
+ Assists in getting tickets to live performances
- Lots of in-app purchases