Kickstarter is an international online platform that lets inventors and creative people present their latest projects. The goal is to collect a certain amount of money within a specified time period, in order to finance a prototype or the first production. This allows each and every user to become an investor. However, money is only being allocated if the required amount is actually raised.

As of right now the Kickstarter platform has its own app. It introduces current projects and lets a user be on the lookout for inventions that are worthy of support, even when on the go. Regardless of whether it is about a new board game, an iPhone speakers or a new book: thanks to crowd-funding many projects can be realized, which the creator would not have been able to finance himself.

Initially the app introduces the “Staff Picks” – Kickstarter projects that have caught the attention of the platform staff. In the settings the user can easily change what is being displayed. He may choose to look at the most popular projects, or only at those from a specified category.

anyone that would like to keep an eye on how close an exciting project is to being realized may follow the progress live by using the app. “Kickstarter” is even more fun if a little money is being invested every so often.

+ A filter limits the selection of displayed projects
+ Each project includes a relevant video
- Only available in English